Talking Parrot- Sound Sensor Technology Records Voice

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The Talking Parrot repeats whatever you say! Ever wanted a parrot as a pet? Well, here's your chance. Enjoy the back and forth banter with a toy parrot that repeats what you say twice. Get within effective recording range (3 feet) and the Sound Sensor Technology starts recording at the sound of your voice. Once the hidden mic starts recording, the base will light up. Aside from the repeated words, the animated parrot also spews out random words and phrases such as "hello", "I see you", and "I love you". It also whistles and tweeps without warning, and don't be surprised when it moves from side to side, opens its beak, and flaps its wings. Use the on/off switch and have a friendly conversation at a moment's notice. Sit the animated toy on a desktop and take advantage of the pen holder.

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