Soothing Skin Blend - 15ml

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Soothe Compromised Skin

Designed with natural health professionals to soothe broken or compromised skin.

Usage Methods: Dilute & apply directly to compromised skin, massage into scar tissue

Research & Fun Facts

  • Bleeding occurs when all the layers of the skin are broken. Cuts and scrapes should be cleaned of debris, then covered with a dressing to avoid infection.
  • Bruising / internal bleeding occurs anytime the body undergoes blunt trauma. The blood from small traumas is quickly carried away, but larger trauma can lead to pooled blood and bruising. Increasing blood flow early on and allowing the body to carry damaged blood away can help decrease bruising and associated pain significantly.
  • Try applying a small amount of Soothing to an adhesive bandage

Contains: Geranium, Lavender & Helichrysum

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