Singing & Chirping Bird Wall Mount- Little Friend To Brighten Your Room

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little bird to brighten your room -- a friend at your side. Bringing you a sweet song, the little bird's beak, neck, and body move as it chirps out sweetly. Singing bird comes with motion senor technology, so every time you walk near, it will chirp a melody. This is definitely great for those who love watching birds and hearing the soothing chirps  in the morning. Friends and family will be amazed about how realistic the bird will sound. Additionally, the bird is beautifully made with lots of colors on it. The stand makes it look like its a tree trunk and even has some egg to make it look more real. You can practically hang this anywhere!

Motion Sensor
Battery Operated (3 "AA")
Realistic & Charming

Package Contents:
Eastern Rosellas with Sound Control

Recommended Age: 6+
Item Code: BC514AHK

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