Silver Ninja Classic Face MASQ (3-Pack)

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Welcome to this MASQ’s silky, seamless embrace.

Don’t worry. We are safe here. 

You can let a deep breath out, then

... you were browsing social media. Perhaps you already have mask, or made one, or have a closet of ones you feel embarrassed

But it's not really scratching that deeper itch.

Since you want just a bit more than 'just' a face mask.

Nothing fancy.

Just something that:

  • protects you,
  • feels comfortable as silk pajamas to wear, and
  • makes you look ... dare you say it ... 

Kinda cool.

A mask that makes you feel like a ninja.

At a price that makes you feel like a ninja.

(Ninjas often steal.) 

Made from a silky, stretchy blend, this laser cut mask loops comfortably behind the ears and is easy to layer for extra ninja powers.

It's time you felt like a health ninja.

'The Ninja' will have you feeling like a ritualistic health

a bodyguard for the greater

or maybe just not as dumb as when you wear something made from a coffee filter and pipe cleaners.

This mask is:

  • Made from a single molded, seamless, laser cut form
  • Half sheen for the perfect balance of business and casual 
  • Soft ear loops that hug you just right 

Leave arts and crafts time to the pre-K set, young Padawan. 

These are featherweight masks you can layer like champ. 

You're here to level up into 'THE NINJA.'

Buy it now.

It's a steal, and your little swashbuckling ninja soul knows it. 


  • Featherweight so you can layer for your comfort or occasion.
  • Black as the moonless night
  • Care instructions: hand wash in cool water, do not wring, lay flat to dry. 


 Get it in 2 to 5 days.

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