Pro Audio Condenser Microphone Mic Kit Vocal Studio Recording Set Boom Arm Stand 5 Core RM STND 2 (with Pop Filter)

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5 Core Professional Microphone Stand with Pop Filter Heavy Duty Microphone Suspension Scissor Arm Stand and Windscreen Mask Shield RM STND 2


[Professional accessories] set of 5 Core upgraded microphone stand and pop filter designed for professional recording and broadcasting work. Compatible with all kinds of microphones.


Adopts better material stand itself is heavier than other cheap mic stands which improves its load bearing and makes it strong enough to support heavy mics. Pop filter helps to avoid noise during recording


[Flexible and portable] with two adjustable arms the stand can be bent in portable size which is easy to carry or store


[Think for you] package comes with a table clamp which has dual soft mat to protect your furniture (shows In the pictures) and a microphone clip for traditional dynamic microphones (no need to use the clip if attach other microphones)


[Please attention] The mounting hole on the mic is sometimes just a tiny fraction bigger than the industry standard.


[Suggestion] please use thread tapeto wrap around the mounting screw on the stand which will effectively increasing the thickness of the mounting screw so you can connect your Mic. DESCRIPTION Package includes 1x 5 Core microphone stand 1x 5 Core pop filter 1x Desk mount Clamp 1x Microphone clip.


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