Music Stand for Sheet Folding Portable Premium Boom Holder Metal Base Clip

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5 Core Music Instrumental Stand W/ Microphone Holder Orchestral Conductor Sheet Extra Tall Metal Tripod Bracket for Guitar Players/Live Broadcast/Instrumental Black

DESCRIPTION: strong 5 Core Music Instrumental Stand W/ Microphone Holder Orchestral Conductor Sheet A· EXTRA Mic Stand Bonus: Dare to think Beyond with 5 Core Music Stand. Besides the music stand, we provide a Microphone Stand, where you can read as well as sing or use the mic stand for any instrumental use. There is also a mic Clip worth $5 for FREE. People who appreciate doing multi-task, this 5 Core Music Stand is for them.

TOUGH, LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE: 5 Core music stand plate is made from high quality ABS plastic- a high strength plastic to make it light enough to be carried around and durable enough to be used for a long time. And you do not have to be anxious about the music stand being scratched easily. Anti- Skid legs makes your stand more stable and reliable. ·

ADJUSTABLE & FLEXIBLE DESIGN: The height of this music stand is adjustable, so you can adjust the height from 21.6 inches to 63 inches. Therefore, it is suitable for different people. Besides, the music stand plate can be also revolved from 0 degree to 180 degrees to meet your needs.

FLEXIBILITY: 13.6" x 19.6" metal bookplate tilts and is fully adjustable, 1.2" wide platform holds large music sheet and heavy song books. With metal spring arm extensions hold the music sheets securely in place. ·

EASY TO CARRY: The weight of this sheet music stand is about 1.2KG/2.65lb and along with collapsible design, which makes it lightweight and small. You can take it to anywhere you want to go, like school, concert, or outskirts and so on. Despite its heavy-duty material, it only weights about 3 lbs. The bookplate is removable and tripod base is collapsible, which is easy to store. · Color: JET Black Finish.  

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