Motorola® Data & Sync Cable - Black

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Motorola Mini USB Data Cables allows the user to connect a wireless phone to a modem, enabling access to the internet, e-mail or fax. Access your data, the Internet and e-mail on the go. This cable works with your data software to connect your phone to your PC. Length of this cable is 60 inches.



  • You can charge and synchronize your smartphone through your PC!
  • No need to connect your device to a wall socket to charge your battery.
  • Easily manage, backup, and transfer the data between your PC and phone visa versa.
  • USB connector allows for high speed data transfer between your phone and a PC.


  • Type: Data & Sync Cable.
  • Charging Port: miniUSB.
  • Length: 5 feets.
  • Manufacturer: Motorola.
  • Manufacturer Part No.: SKN6371.
  • Color: Black.

    BlackBerry 8300
    BlackBerry 8130
    BlackBerry 8120
    BlackBerry 8110
    BlackBerry 8100
    BlackBerry 7130v
    BlackBerry 7130g
    BlackBerry 7130e
    Asus VivoTab Smart
    Asus VivoTab RT

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