5Core 10" Guitar Speaker for Guitar Amplifier 60W RMS Universal Replacement SP1090GTR

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  • A full-blooded, authentic 10" 5Core guitar speaker
  • Rich and expressive, characterized by warm lows with a vocal mid-range and articulate top end
  • Perfect upgrade for compact recording amps and practice amps
  • Ceramic magnet 10" guitar speaker, 60 Wattage power handling


5 Core Guitar Speaker

As the original name in guitar loudspeakers, we're dedicated to delivering great tone regardless of genre, playing style or budget. Nobody knows more than us about designing and manufacturing guitar speakers and the 5Core Originals are proof of that. This range is built to exacting standards for consistently high quality and reliability, delivering 5Core tone and performance in some of the world's most well know amps and cabs.

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