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  • Laifug Indoor Medium Cat House


    Laifug Indoor Medium Cat House

    Multifunctional cat house: the cat house includes sleeping area, feeding area, toilet area; ABS brake roller: You can adjust the position of the cat enclosure and fix it at will; Special stairs and treads: easy for cats to move; Free LED lights:...

    Sale Price $211.59
  • Laifug Wall Cat Scratcher


    Laifug Wall Cat Scratcher

    New design cat scratching board: The cat scratching post is made of environmentally friendly felt material, the specially treated felt not only has good elasticity and wear resistance, but also minimizes scratching noise and debris, and the overall is...

    Sale Price $27.59
  • Laifug Indoor Large Cat House


    Laifug Indoor Large Cat House

    Multifunctional cat house: The indoor cat enclosure is divided into four areas: cat rest area; cat play area; cat dining area and toilet area; 59 inches x 35.4 inches x 27.6 inches cat villa is suitable for living 1-2 cats; High-quality cat house: The...

    Sale Price $432.39
  • Laifug Elevated Cat Bowls


    Laifug Elevated Cat Bowls

    Raised Cat Bowl Design: The 0/15° sloping design can protect your pet's cervical spine and help release pressure on your pet's neck, helping to avoid future spinal or digestive problems. High Quality PVC Cat Bowl: This cat bowl is made of...

    Sale Price $14.94