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  • DIY Beginner Cactus Holiday Ornament Embroidery Kit

    DIY Beginner Cactus Holiday Ornament Embroidery Kit

    Trim your tree with cactus inspired holiday ornaments or make an ornament to give as a heartfelt holiday gift. These ornaments were inspired by holidays spent in Arizona with my mother-in-law. Every year her neighborhood decorates the cacti in their...

    Sale Price $22.99
  • Stained Glass Landscape DIY Beginner Embroidery Kit

    Stained Glass Landscape DIY Beginner Embroidery Kit

    Inspired by an interest in stained glass, this design combines the use of basic embroidery stitches to create a beautiful landscape. This hand embroidery pattern is great for stitchers of all skill levels and the kit is designed with beginners in mind...

    Sale Price $39.51
  • Finger Weaving Kit - Lightning Design

    Finger Weaving Kit - Lightning Design

    Finger weaving has been done by many cultures worldwide. This kit comes with instructions and materials for making a very fine weaving.In finger weaving a vertical “warp” yarn on one side becomes a horizontal weaver “weft” yarn as it passes through the...

    Sale Price $23.99
  • Post Office Sign Board

    Post Office Sign Board

    SIGN INFORMATION & MATERIAL Spruce up that large wall with our decorative signs. These eye-catching wall accents quickly become the center of interest in any room. Choose from our collection of home signs - from the bedroom, man cave, game room,...

    Sale Price $20.88 - $38.13
  • THE OFFICE Wall Poster

    THE OFFICE Wall Poster

    QUALITY GUARANTEED PRINTED IN THE USA!*Please note frames are not included*Our posters are printed on photo quality 260gsm satin semi gloss paper using latest Technology and High Quality Inks.Size options:A1 = 23x33"A2 = 16x23"A3 = 12x16"A4 = 8...

    Sale Price $12.44 - $25.64
  • Compact Happy Stapler

    Compact Happy Stapler

    Our stapler is designed with mixture of modern, retro, and mid-century elements Includes 1000 standard staples, and takes standard staples Our Small Happy Stapler is lightweight and compact, yet built for heavy daily use with its metal plier design 25...

    Sale Price $12.74
  • Officer Parking Sign

    Officer Parking Sign

    SIGN INFORMATION & MATERIAL Here's a creative idea to quickly inform visitors of your reserved parking slot! Our unique parking signs are easy to notice and can be easily spotted. Not only are they for your 4-wheel drive, but we have signs to...

    Sale Price $24.31 - $148.51