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  • Unique Pothos 'Cebu Blue' Plant

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    Unique Pothos 'Cebu Blue' Plant

    Botanical Name: Epipremnum pinnatum Common Name(s): Cebu Blue Pothos, Blue pothos, Devil’s Ivy, Dragon-tail, Blue philodendron, Centipede Tongavin Description: Commonly displaying a silvery sparkling pattern, a Cebu Blue pothos...

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  • Calathea 'White Star' - Peacock Plant

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    Calathea 'White Star' - Peacock Plant

    Botanical Name: Calathea 'White Star' Common Names: Peacock Plant, Zebra Plant Description: There are several dozen species in this genus. Native to the tropical Americas, many of the species are popular as pot plants due to their...

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  • Peperomia 'Marble' Radiator Plant - 6" Pot

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    Peperomia 'Marble' Radiator Plant - 6" Pot

    Botanical Name: Peperomia Common Names: Marble Peperomia, Radiator Plant Description: The Peperomia is a perennial epiphyte native to the tropical regions of Central and South America. It's short and sturdy stems wield thick, circular...

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  • Peperomia 'Hope' Houseplant - 4" Pot

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    Peperomia 'Hope' Houseplant - 4" Pot

    Botanical Name: Peperomia tetraphylla 'Hope' Common Names: Hoya Hope Description: Peperomia Hope is a lovely hybrid cultivar belonging to the wide and varied genus of popular houseplants, Peperomia. It is a cross between Peperomia...

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  • Orange Spider Plant 'Fire Flash'

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    Orange Spider Plant 'Fire Flash'

    Botanical Name: Chlorophytum amaniense Common Names: Orange Spider Plant, Fire Flash  Description: This green plant foliage is highlighted by contrasting bright orange petioles and leaf midribs which bring an orange fire-like glow to the...

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  • Unique Mystery Succulent House Plant

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    Unique Mystery Succulent House Plant

    Get a succulent that our plant experts will pick out on your behalf. We choose only in-season healthy succulents to ship to you. Species will vary from any plant we have in stock and even some plants that we don't have online yet. Get it in 1 to 7...

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  • Chinese Evergreen 'Starburst' Plant

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    Chinese Evergreen 'Starburst' Plant

    Botanical Name: Aglaonema 'Starburst' Common Name(s): Chinese Evergreen Description: The Chinese Evergreen also known as Aglaonema, it is an easy plant to grow and care for. Native to Asia it just about tolerates any...

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  • Stunning Philodendron 'Birkin' Plant - 6" Pot

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    Stunning Philodendron 'Birkin' Plant - 6" Pot

    Botanical Name: Philodendron Common Names: Birkin Description: Exhibits a stunning variety that develops pure white pinstripes on its foliage, growing ever more variegated as the plant matures. This is a somewhat smaller, non-vining...

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  • Monstera 'Peru' - Fast Growing Plant - 4" Pot

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    Monstera 'Peru' - Fast Growing Plant - 4" Pot

    Botanical Name: Monstera kartenianum Common Names: Peru Description: Monstera Peru commonly known as Karstenianum is a rare but fast-growing plant from the Aroid family. It has uniquely puckered, iridescent leaves that are...

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  • Attractive Hoya 'Australis' Houseplant

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    Attractive Hoya 'Australis' Houseplant

    Botanical Name: Hoya Australis Common Names: Waxvine, Honey plant, Porcelain Flower Description: In the wild, it mostly grows across the edge of rainforests, rocky areas and is famous because of its ability to attract butterflies. Hoya...

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  • Snake Plant Braided Plant - Natural Air Purifier

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    Snake Plant Braided Plant - Natural Air Purifier

    Botanical Name: Sansevieria Trifasciata Common Names: Snake plant, Laurentii, Mother-in-law's tongue Description: This evergreen perennial native to tropical West Africa and Nigeria, is a great addition to any office or household as a...

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  • Attractive English Ivy 'Heart' Plant

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    Attractive English Ivy 'Heart' Plant

    Botanical Name: Hedera helix 'Heart' Common Name(s): English Ivy, Common Ivy Description: Attractive, dark blue-green foliage that is shaped like a heart. One of the best choices for a fast-growing screen or ground cover. Easy...

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  • Unique Curly Lipstick Plant

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    Unique Curly Lipstick Plant

    Botanical Name: Aeschynanthus radicans Common Name(s): Lipstick Curly Description: This Hanging Lipstick plant gets it to name for the shape and pattern that resembles a miniature tube of women's lipstick on its stems. This trailing...

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  • Anthurium 'White' Exotic Houseplant - 4" Pot

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    Anthurium 'White' Exotic Houseplant - 4" Pot

    Botanical Name: Anthurium andraeanum Common Names: Painted anthurium, flamingo flower, tailflower, painter's palette, laceleaf Description: These exotic houseplants have glossy heart-shaped leaves with a beautiful bloom that comes in a...

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