Kimchi Sea Salt- Spice Up Your Life

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Spice Up Your Life With Kimchi

We've very excited about this new sea salt, something that we've been working on and refining for a long, long time. All natural, small-batch kimchi (the quintessential Korean condiment) is carefully dehydrated and ground to a fine powder, before being mixed with our sustainably sourced Pacific Ocean sea salt. The result: a wonderfully versatile salt and seasoning that's going to become an indispensable go-to in your kitchen. Toss the Tajín© and instead, sprinkle this all-natural seasoning on fruits, or use as a finishing accent on an Asian-style salad. Even better, use in place of traditional kimchi and enjoy all the flavor without the mess or sogginess:

- Jazz up your morning routine by sprinkling on eggs;
- Add heat and flavor to an after-school grilled cheese sandwich;
- Win the next potluck or dinner party with deviled eggs accented with a dusting of Kimchi sea salt;
- Transform taco night by mixing some kimchi seasoning into the beef mixture or pico de gallo;
- Layer depths of flavor into all types of rice - bowls, stirfries, whatever - with a little shake of the tin;
- Put a Korean flair on takeout pizza with a sprinkle of kimchi salt;

The possibilites really are endless and we're just getting started - we're experimenting as much as we can in the kitchen, and we'd love to see what you come up with too.

As a small aside, you may be aware that South Korean scientists successfully created a kimchi that could be taken into space, after years and years of research and testing, and millions of dollars spent perfecting it.

If only they'd come to us.

  • 1.4 oz (40g) net wt.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Magnetized backing: sticks to your fridge or other metal surface.
  • Crafted in small batches.
  • Hand packed in California from local and imported ingredients.
  • Not irradiated or treated with EtO gas.
  • All natural: free from artificial colors and flavors.
  • No wheat, nuts, dairy, or gluten.

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sugar, Dehydrated Garlic, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Spice Extract, Paprika Extract, Garlic Oil.

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