Ding Bowl Features Exquisite Miniature Size

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Ding, the oldest cookware in Chinese culture, is the origin of culinary arts and all flavors. Inspired by ancient Chinese bronze Ding, designer seamlessly merged the classic shape with practical function, creates a Ding that fits modern cooking needs. 

Ding Bowl following the inspiration from ancient Chinese Ding, Ding Bowl features exquisite miniature size, and looks great on the table together with Ding Casserole.

*White model is made of Porcelain, Black is New Bone China*


1.Microwave and oven safe. 
2.The bowl includes a lid to keep content warm, can be used as a side plate. 
3.The bowl is designed with legs to avoid heat damage to table surface. 
4.Clean with mild detergent and sponge. Dishwasher safe. 


Handle with care to prevent breakage or damage.

Get it in 1 to 3 days

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