All American Applewood Chipotle

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The Story of Our All American Applewood Chipotle Seasoning
We love to experiment with meat rubs, and there is always something waiting in the test queue. Sometimes it can take 4 or 5 different versions of the same rub to get it just right, and some blends just never make it past the testing phase because they aren't up to our standards. After only 3 tweaks on the All American Applewood Chipotle Seasoning, it was perfected. It follows the basics of a good rub, including sugar, salt, and paprika. Of course, it also has a unique flavor personality unlike many of the other rubs out there.

Taking a unique look at sugar, we went with granulated honey instead of some of the more conventional choices like brown sugar, white sugar, or even turbinado sugar. Granulated honey has a wonderful caramelizing effect, forming a nice crust on the meat, which helps to lock juices in.

Smoked applewood salt was an easy choice for this blend. A little outside of the box, and more complex than the average sea salt or even Kosher salt, this smoked salt gives a nuanced, deep flavor to many different types of meat. There is no need to spend hours smoking meat when the smoked salt will give the allusion of that flavor.

The true essence of the blend's personality comes from the chipotle chile powder and flakes that are both in this blend. The flakes give a little bit of texture and small heat blasts, while the powder compliments the smooth smokiness of the salt very nicely.

Finally, it was time to pick a paprika. Something with a bit of smokiness like a smoked sweet paprika made little sense because we already had enough smokiness from the smoked salt and chipotle chile powder and flakes. So, a Spanish Paprika it was.

What's in it? 
Our All American Applewood Chipotle Seasoning is hand blended from granulated honey, smoked apple wood sea salt, paprika, garlic, onion, chipotle powder, black pepper and chipotle flakes.

Flavor Profile 
This blend is slightly sweet but you will also certainly pick up on a delightful balance of heat thanks to the chipotle elements as well as the black pepper in this blend. The heat is not overpowering, instead it works alongside the sweetness and adds to the smoky qualities of this blend.

Where to Use 
This blend is excellent on the grill, particularly on pork, beef, and chicken. Use it in the slow cooker on pulled pork recipes, throw some on your baked ribs, or add it to burger meat before cooking. It's also good on vegetables! We love this Applewood chipotle seasoning on sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, or on grilled asparagus. Use it on rice, with steaks, or on strongly flavored vegetables like brussels sprouts.

Our exclusive line of USA Seasonings are ALL NATURAL and contain NO PRESERVATIVES. USA Seasonings custom blends are made in small batches by hand. All of our seasonings come with a freshness guarantee. Our seasonings are made right here in the USA.

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