Unique 3 Tier Woven Hanging Fruit Basket for Kitchen & Pantry Counter - Versatile Hanging Storage Basket for Home

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  • IDEAL PANTRY STORAGE SOLUTIONS- This 3 tier hanging round baskets provides great storage solution for your cooking spaces and pantry. It is perfect to be used as a vegetables & produce baskets, which doesn't take up any space on your kitchen counter and gives you 3 spacious slots to organize your cooking ingredients. You now can store onions, potatos, garlic, bananas.. any kinds of vegetables & fruits in style!
  • VERSATILE WOVEN BASKETS - Add some fun back into home organizing and wall decor, use the 3-tier wicker baskets as fruit or vegetable hanging basket in the kitchen, or as wall hanging planters or flower pot holders, or as simple storage solution for arranging makeup brushes, lotions, toiletries, cooking utensils, electricals, or anything that needs storing.
  • TIMELESS BEAUTY- The wicker basket are built with metal frames so it is not easy to deform. It is free from harmful chemicals, odor or splinters. The colors are lively and vivid, the weaving patterns are flawless. It is an item of premium craftsmanship and natural sound, made to last and benefit your sustainable home for a long time.
  • EARTH-FRIENDLY - These wall wicker woven fruit baskets made of natural seagrass promote a healthy lifestyle. It is environmentally friendly from every angle. Seagrass does not leave an excess of negative impacts due to harvesting and transportation. When compared with plastics, wicker baskets made of sea grass are far more ecologically sound
  • YOUR PURCHASE MAKES AN IMPACT – Made Terra is a local maker-to-market company by artisans in Vietnam. Our 3 tier hanging baskets are masterfully hand-woven by skilled artisans in the Kim Son region – the base of sedge and seagrass craftsmanship of Vietnam for the past 200 years. By purchasing these wicker woven baskets, you knowingly support Vietnam Artisan Communities and help preserving Indigenous Crafts & Cultures

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