AROMA Hidden Fragrance Diffusing Stand- Explore The Sense Of Smell

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"Dream of the Red Chamber" is the greatest love story in Chinese culture. In this literary masterpiece "The Grand View Garden" is an enormous landscaped interior garden and depicted as the setting throughout the novel. One particular place called the Hengwu Court is designed to explore the sense of smell with neutral colors and minimal backdrops. The sense of smell intensifies with the help of exotic plants in full bloom. And the "JIA Aroma Hidden Fragrance" is designed based on the similar concept as the Hengwu Court. The sense of smell will strengthen while blindfold or without the interference of the visual.


1.Drip down moderate amount of essential oil on the terra cotta lid for diffusing normally. Flame-free evaporation ensures safety. 
2.Two sizes of glass dockings can fit the 30ml and 10 ml commercially available essential oil bottles. 
3.Please soak the terra cotta lid in lukewarm water before changing to a different type of essential oil. Wash with neutral detergent, rinse and air dry to eliminate residual odor. 


1.There is no tenon connecting between terra cotta and the glass docking; therefore please hold the docking securely and handle with care to prevent damage or slipping off the hands. 

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