Classy Ceramic Cat Candle Pot ( 10 oz )

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Looking for an elegant statement in your home or a classy gift for someone special ?

Design your own candle with the Ceramic Cat Candle vessel.

Each pot is hand painted by Luo potters and fired in a rustic open-air kiln before being hand painted. Each piece has 3 images of artwork and will have slight variations because they are handmade.

The Luo, Kenya's third largest ethnic group that resides on the eastern shores of Lake Victoria. The people have created a culture that embraces everything that contributes to their survival. The Luo people apply functional and cultural meanings to spaces. 

Clay Ceramic Pot Dimensions : 4 " L x 4 " W x 4.5 " H

Exterior Diameter: 4. nches

Interior Diameter: 4 inches

Height: 4.5 inches

Candle Volume : 10 oz

Get it in 2 to 5 days

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