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Formula Purposes & Benefits

Women's Multivitamin is designed to help with cardiovascular health, hormonal health, metabolic health, immunological health, digestive health, sexual function, cognitive function, good mood, and enhanced exercise performance.

Our product is made with high-quality ingredients and is based on the most recent scientific research.

Our formula has been independently tested for heavy metals and contaminants by a third party, is made in the United States, is GMP certified, and is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility. Only 1% of supplements on the market measure up to our world-class standards.


Formula Ingredient Deck Benefits Of Each Ingredient 
Vitamin A (beta carotene)
  • Supports eye, skin, and immunological health, as well as increasing antioxidant support.
  • Increased levels of plasma vitamin A in macular (eye) tissues support visual health.
Vitamin C
  • Immune, cardiovascular, skin, cognitive, fat-burning, and digestive health are all aided by this supplement.
  • Increased oxidant, free radical scavenging, and neutrophilic (immune cell) activity in chemotaxis, phagocytosis, and microbial killing support immunological health.
Calcium Carbonate
  • Supports bone and muscular health, as well as cardiovascular health.
  • Regulates bone resorption, mineralization, and fracture repair processes.
  • Increases the effect of physical activity on the acquisition of bone mineral in the years leading up to puberty.
  • Prevents preeclampsia from developing.
Vitamin D
  • Exercise performance, immune health, muscular growth, optimal bone health, hormone health, immune function, increased sexual health, cardiovascular health, glucose tolerance, strength, and a happy mood are all benefits of this supplement.
  • High levels of vitamin D receptor (VDR) activation in hormone-based negative feedback loop reactions support hormonal health.
  • Regulates calcium and phosphorus, as well as bone remodeling and other calcium-regulating functions, to support joint health.
Vitamin E
  • Immune function, cognitive health, cardiovascular health, and bone health are all aided by this supplement.
  • Increased T lymphocyte-mediated immunological function and neutralization of free radicals and reactive oxygen species support immune health.
Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
  • Supports oxidative phosphorylation (aerobic energy metabolism), cell growth, optimum neural conduction (nerve impulses), and cardiovascular health.
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
  • Supports the conversion and activation of other B vitamins, red blood cell formation, and glucose and fat metabolism as a cofactor.
Vitamin B3 (Niacin)
  • B vitamin promotes cardiovascular health by suppressing hepatic (liver) triglyceride synthesis, lowering VLDL secretion, and raising HDL plasma levels.
  • Reduces the conversion of VLDL to LDL proteins and the amounts of serum lipoproteins in the blood (blood).
  • Gene expression, cell cycle progression, DNA repair, and cell death are all regulated by this protein.
Vitamin B6
  • More than 150 enzymatic activities involving blood sugar management, immunity, cardiovascular function, brain health, metabolic health, and digestive health use it as a cofactor.
  • Inhibits the activity of small-intestinal -glucosidases, which lowers plasma glucose (blood sugar levels) (enzymes associated with glucose metabolism).
Vitamin B12
  • Supports proper DNA synthesis, folate cycle function, energy production, cognitive function, and immune health.
  • Aids as an antioxidant via direct scavenging of reactive oxygen species (inflammation), preserving l-glutathione levels (master antioxidant), and reducing oxidative stress.
  • Proper DNA synthesis, folate cycle function, energy production, cognitive function, and immunological health are all aided by this supplement.
  • Supports conversion of food into cellular energy, hair health, skin health, and cognitive function.
  • Enhances glucose breakdown into skeletal muscle tissue.
Vitamin B5
  • Supports energy generation, cell development, cell repair, cognitive function, hippocampus volume (memory), and bioenergetics optimization (burning of carbohydrates, fat, and protein).
  • Improves nerve function, muscle contractions, cardiovascular and bone health, and anxiety reduction.
  • Supports biological responses like ATP-fueled reactions and insulin release from the pancreas.
  • Healthy blood sugar levels, energy metabolism, and cholesterol management are all aided by this supplement.
  • Antioxidant function, cardiovascular health, cognitive function, thyroid health, and immunological health are all aided by this supplement.
  • Atherosclerosis, elevated cholesterol (hypercholesterolemia), and type 1 diabetes are all combated by this supplement.
  • Enzymatic antioxidant responses, enhanced bone mineral density, and blood sugar management are all aided by this supplement.
  • Sulfite digestion and detoxification are aided by increased enzymatic responses.
  • Insulin function is improved, cholesterol is reduced, blood sugar management is improved, and cholesterol may be lowered.
Wild Yam Extract
  • Increased progesterone production may help women maintain hormonal balance.
  • Aids in the prevention of atherosclerosis.
Red Clover Extract
  • Reduces hot flashes, increases estrogen production, provides antioxidant support, improves lipid panels, increases bone mineral density, and improves mood in menopausal women.
  • Phytoestrogens (isoflavones) attach to oestrogen receptors, causing estradiol to rise.
  • A carotenoid that promotes eye health, immunity, cardiovascular health, and the prevention of diabetic retinopathy.
Cranberry Extract
  • Supports cardiovascular and immunological health, as well as the prevention of urinary tract infections.
Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Immune health, cardiovascular health, blood sugar regulation, weight loss, and increased cognitive function are all aided by this supplement.
  • Increased glucose absorption in insulin-sensitive and insulin-resistant muscles helps to regulate blood sugar levels.
  • In people with metabolic syndrome, it helps them lose weight by suppressing their appetite.
Goldenseal Root
  • Digestive health, antimicrobial action, and antioxidant support are all benefits.
  • Berberine levels support antioxidant activity (alkaloid).
  • Increases antiviral, anti-microbial, antioxidant capacity, and supports a strong immune system.
  • Supports immune health via decreased impro-inflammatory markers (cytokines IL-6, IL-8, and TNF).
  • Reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar management, inflammation, and body fat, as well as supporting antioxidant activity.
  • Supports cardiovascular health, immunity, joint health, inflammation reduction, gastrointestinal health, and antibacterial activity.
Green Tea Extract
  • A powerful polyphenolic antioxidant that helps to lower blood pressure, improve insulin sensitivity, and improve metabolic health.
  • ECGC is abundant (epigallocatechin gallate).
  • Reduces the effects of oxidative stress (chronic inflammation in the body).
Hawthorn Berries
  • Supports heart health and helps to prevent metabolic syndrome.
Cinnamon Bark Extract
  • Blood sugar control and cardiovascular health are aided by this supplement.
  • Fasting plasma glucose, total cholesterol, LDL-C, and triglyceride levels all drop, while HDL-C levels rise.
  • Improves insulin sensitivity and glucose absorption, which aids in blood sugar management.
Bilberry Fruit Extract
  • Increased nitric oxide generation, blood sugar management, and antioxidant support are all benefits of this supplement.


Proper Use of This Supplement

Suggested Use:  As a dietary supplement take two (2) veggie capsules once a day.

For best results, light exercise and a sensible diet are recommended. Use this product for no less than 8 weeks for maximum results. Do not exceed 4 capsules a day.

 Get it in 3 to 7 days



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