Boot Stay 3.0: Adhesive Sag Preventers- Smooth The Boots To Your Legs

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Saggy boots?
Falling footwear?

The Solution is Boot Stay 3.0: adhesive sag preventers.

Saggy boots are like wrinkled shirts. Why settle for sad when you can have crisp and smooth? Keep your falling boots at bay with Boot Stay 3.0 adhesive sag preventers. Our improved version features hook and loop (Velcro is the famous brand) that adheres to the inside of the boot and another piece that wraps around the leg. They stick together again and again to prevent boots from falling down.

*This new version (from Dec '19) has finished edges so it won't snag tights or leggings.)

Using Boot Stay 3.0 is easy as:

1) Put on your boot and wrap the strip of hook & loop (loop / soft side against your skin) around your leg at a place that won’t slip down. This is generally just below the knee yet over the calf or above the knee for taller boots.
2) Find the corresponding spot on the inside of your boot and adhere the loop piece all the way around, trimming off any excess. Do not try and remove this piece.
3) Smooth the boot to your leg and rock your boots!

Contains: 2 pieces adhesive loop & 2 pieces hook & loop strip
Color: White 
Measures: 19.6 x 1.2 inches (50 x 3 cm)

Made in China

Get it in 2 to 5 days


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