With God All Things Are Possible Beautiful Necklace

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Sterling Silver With God All Things Are Possible Spiritual Dog Tag Necklace, Mathew 19:26 silver Catholic jewelry.

This With God All Things Possible Necklace will keep you going through difficult times in life. 

You’ve seen With God All Things Possible on silver pendant, cross-stitched on pillows and hung on walls. You’ve heard it recited before the Regional Championship and whispered before a big job interview: “With God all things are possible!”

This phrase, found in Matthew 19:26, speaks of God’s absolute power. It’s a theme that is echoed all throughout Christianity and Catholicism.  

Wings symbolize a desire to let your spirit soar, to rise above a challenge and regain your clarity of thought. Wings conjure feelings of compassion, courage and love.

Angels are anthropomorphic - meaning in the shape of men - winged forms intended to transmit the word of God to humankind. Angels personify divine will and are the messengers of God. Winged messengers appear in a number of religions as intermediaries between the spiritual and material worlds, but appear most often in Islamic, Jewish but most particularly the Christian faiths.

The sterling silver hand stamped Dog Tag is 1.1 Inch. It hangs on a sterling silver necklace with an angel wing and a healing crystal charm. Mathew 19:26 silver Catholic jewelry.

Handmade with Love in California

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