Genuine Malachite & Picture Jasper Stretch Rare Gemstone Bracelet

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Malachite & Picture Jasper stretch bracelet! This is a premium quality bracelet handmade using only natural crystals! These two stones are paired because they are naturally found near each other in Africa and they complement each other beautifully.

Malachite is an important protection stone and has been used to cleanse negative energy, radiation and EMF. It’s used for the Heart Chakra which allows us to love ourselves and others unconditionally.

This magical stone is also used for dream enhancement. Malachite has also been used to bring balance and a calming energy.

Zodiac Influences: Libra ~ Scorpio ~ Capricorn

Picture Jasper is used as a powerful grounding stone of the Root Chakra. It has also been used as protection during shamanic journeys and meditation.

Zodiac Influences: Leo ~ Virgo ~ Scorpio

Natural Malachite like this is found near copper deposits. Copper is actually what gives Malachite it’s vibrant green color. The light earth tones in the Picture Jasper complement these vibrant Malachite beads perfectly!

This bracelet is handmade with love in the USA using only high quality components!

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