Indian Healing Clay - For Clear Looking Skin

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  • Aiva Indian Healing Clay is 100% pure Calcium Bentonite Clay from a clinical-grade formula for best skincare in a 1 lb packing.
  • Aiva Indian Healing clay is a powdered clay mask that helps remove toxins, impurities, and everyday pollutants from the skin. Use once weekly to support clearer looking skin.
  • Aiva Indian Healing Clay can be used for a variety of DIY projects – from face masks to hair masks, underarm masks, bath soak, and chilled clay knee packs.
  • Healing clay is known for its natural detoxifying properties that deeply cleanse the skin
  • NOTE: Do not leave Aiva Indian Healing Clay mask on the skin for more than 10 minutes, and we advise you to conduct a forearm skin patch test prior to using or allergic reactions or sensitivity. Slight redness of the skin is normal and will usually disappear in about 45 minutes.

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