Discovery Kit, Zerø Keratin - Straighten & Smooth Out Your Hair

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Anti-Frizz | Formaldehyde Free

Our Discovery Kit, ZerØ Keratin Formaldehyde-Free carries 2 bottles, a jar and sachets. Rich in organic coconut oil, Brazilian nut oil and Murumuru seed butter, these work together to repair and restore your hair while they straighten and smooth it out, providing you with a beautiful, healthier, younger look.


The kit includes: Clarifying Shampoo 2Oz; ZerØ Formaldehyde-Free Keratin Treatment 2Oz; Intense Pure Mask 2Oz; Smoothing Shampoo sachet; Conditioner sachet; Argan Smoothing Cream sachet; and Argan Oil sachet for aftercare.

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