Unique Durable Pasos, Boho-Style Lovely Backpacks

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Vivid Bright's represent excitement and optimism. The green pattern represents " Steps and Trails", often the Inca Trail from Cusco City to Machu Picchu. 

Height: 16.00 inches
Length: 15.00 inches
Width:  15.00 inches

Handwoven using cotton and alpaca's wool. Backpack straps are handwoven using an alpaca blend textile.

Color of thread is dyed by hand using natural fibers of wood, leaves or flowers. This bag is durable but also has a delicate and intricate design(s) woven into its fabric.

Double closure: cinch closure with tassel ties and a button closure flap.

Fully lined which is great for the little things required for life's travels.

Each bag is designed with mixed manta textiles.

Quechua people are the weavers behind each bag Serena Vibes offers. The Quechua people live within the Andes Mountain. They spend 45 days or more to hand weave a manta (blanket) which is used to create several items including this unique backpack.

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