Eco Friendly Plywood Vehicle Puzzles Woodik - Mini plane

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There is a whole series of small puzzles, called Woodiks.    All are mechanical with gears and other moving parts.  

The MINI PLANE is one of our vehicle puzzles.    Once assembled, the propeller spins around.  Perfect for the plane aficionado in your life!  15 pieces, no glue required, all materials included in the kit. 

A great collectible and can also be used for decoration as well as fun to play with for your little ones!  

The “Airplane” is a mini version of the airplane for our younger customers. It is lightweight and perfect for children to enjoy. The Wood-mini “Airplane” is a souvenir, collectible model that is
great for promoting children’s fine motor-skill development, and attention when putting parts of a constructor together. It is important to choose the right toys for your children from an early
age, as toys foster children’s growth and help a child to explore the world around them.

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