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  • Brush U Stand

    Brush U Stand

    The Brush U stand is extremely important to maintaining and increasing the longevity of any RAZOR MD shave brush. The bristles should always dry down, it's more hygenic and helps prevent the bristles from falling out. Get it in 3 to 6 days

    Sale Price $27.48
  • iGRIP Shave set  - 3-piece

    iGRIP Shave set - 3-piece

    Theres NO grip like the iGRIP. A laser-engraved razor handle, engineered to offer the most ergonomic and secure grip possible. This handsome razor set has a matching badger shave brush and unique chrome stand to display & maintain for years to come...

    Sale Price $167.02
  • CR17 Razor - 3 blade

    CR17 Razor - 3 blade

    A Class Act. The CR17 is a classic razor handle, nicely weighted to ensure maximum control & comfort. Compatible and comes with a Gillette® MACH3™ blade. Housed in signature gift box. Replacement blades can be purchased on our website or...

    Sale Price $89.56
  • Beard Balm 2oz Citrus Cedar

    Beard Balm 2oz Citrus Cedar

    Our beard balms are specially formulated with a high quality of oils and butters to give your beard the hold it needs. A proprietary combination helps tame your beard leaving it smooth and soft without appearing greasy. Key Ingredients: Hemp-Seed,...

    Sale Price $26.46
  • Natural Unscented Travel Trio

    Natural Unscented Travel Trio

    Conquer and power your shave no matter where. Need to travel light but still keep well groomed, this 3 piece Travel-Approved kit is perfect. This kit will lasts for dozens of shaves. Designed For All Skin Types | Paraben Free | Barber Tested &...

    Sale Price $44.93
  • NK69 3 blade Razor

    NK69 3 blade Razor

    3 Stellar blades The NK69 is perfect for anyone looking to enjoy a traditional wet-shave in the comfort of one's own home. The blades glide effortlessly over every contour of your face, gently but effectively cutting hairs for a perfectly groomed...

    Sale Price $89.56
  • Natural Unscented Shave Cream 8oz

    Natural Unscented Shave Cream 8oz

    Second Step is the CREAM The Rx Collection of Shave Creams are second to none. Non-lathering & Non-foaming, a little goes a long way. Our formula is NOT soap based, therefore it's far less drying then Lathering shave creams and protects against...

    Sale Price $26.46
  • Beard Oil Citrus Cedar

    Beard Oil Citrus Cedar

    A lightweight, fast-absorbing Beard Oil This Natural, Made in USA beard oil formula is specially designed for the best in beard care. With many natural, beneficial oils such as Vitamin E, Hemp & JoJoba Oil, this beard oil instantly conditions and...

    Sale Price $26.46
  • iGRIP Black Razor - 5 blade

    iGRIP Black Razor - 5 blade

    There's NO grip like the iGRIP. Maximize control and comfort with the iGRIP - 5 blade razor in either a chrome or black handle finish. Consisting of 5 blades for an ultra smooth finish, this razor handle features a longer, laser engraved or knurled...

    Sale Price $130.08
  • 3 in 1 BEARD WASH

    3 in 1 BEARD WASH

    100% Natural, Chemical Free. Our large 3 in 1 Beard Wash is designed to not strip away natural oils and at same time keep your hair well nourished and conditioned. So say goodbye to Dried Out, Flaky Hair and say hello to soft, Shiny, Healthy looking...

    Sale Price $26.46
  • FIBER 3.75oz - hair styling product

    FIBER 3.75oz - hair styling product

    A Classic Fiber with a High Hold & Low Shine. Our Fiber helps thicken hair, increase fullness & add more texture to hair. Also Provides a strong, hold with a more matte finish. Directions: For best results, rub a small amount evenly...

    Sale Price $26.46
  • CR17 Shave Set - 3 piece shave set

    CR17 Shave Set - 3 piece shave set

    A Class Act. The CR17 is a classic set, consists of a razor handle, matching badger-hair shave brush and chrome stand Includes: Custom Razor handle (1) Gillette Mach3 blade 4'' matching shave brush Chrome plated stand Razor weight: 0.83 lbs...

    Sale Price $109.56
  • Natural Unscented Post Shave Lotion 4oz

    Natural Unscented Post Shave Lotion 4oz

    3rd Step is Post Shave Heaven, Guaranteed. For the Perfect finishing touch after a barbershop shave, the Rx Collection of Post Shave Lotions help protect against razor burn, ingrown hairs and any skin irritation. Suitable for all beards and skin types,...

    Sale Price $29.54
  • CR21 Travel Shave Brush - 3 piece

    CR21 Travel Shave Brush - 3 piece

    A Great Shave Brush for Travel or Home. Theres NO denying a key tool in the prescription for the perfect shave is a badger-hair shave brush. But risking losing it during travel is a haunting thought. This 3-piece travel shave brush is the answer. The...

    Sale Price $109.56
  • Well Mannered Traveler's Grooming Kit - 6-piece

    Well Mannered Traveler's Grooming Kit - 6-piece

    Travel light, look good. Made with highest quality materials, this 6-piece grooming kit is perfect for keeping you looking your best, wherever you are. Perfect for travel, home use or a most thoughtful gift. Consists of: -2 MACH3 razor blades -2...

    Sale Price $109.56
  • Bermuda - Trendy Flat Lens - Rose

    Sequin Sand

    Bermuda - Trendy Flat Lens - Rose

    DEETS Our Bermuda shades are the perfect mix of the timeless aviator and a trendy flat lens. They feature pink/ rose gold mirrored lenses and a sturdy gold metal frame. Available in 3 colors • UV 400 Protection • Lens...

    Sale Price $10.24