Pet Toys

  • Dog Ring Toy

    Threaded Pear

    Dog Ring Toy

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The ultimate outside toy for your pup! Ring shaped, this dog toy, can be used as a frisbee for outdoor play such as throw catch, fetch, pull, tug of war etc. The ring toys is floatable, can be used in water sports with your dog,...

    Sale Price $20.58
  • Dog Distraction Lick Mat

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    Dog Distraction Lick Mat

    Finally! The answer to a calm bath experience for you and your pup. Make bath time or any time simple and easy with this stickable distraction mat. Add peanut butter, cheese spread or your pup's favorite creamy snack to the...

    Sale Price $16.98
  • Treat Dispensing Dog Pull Toy

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    Treat Dispensing Dog Pull Toy

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This treat dispensing toy is a great way to turn mealtime into playtime. The suction-cup provides a fun and exciting way for your pup to enjoy a game of tug-of-war, as well as a tasty snack.  This toy has specially designed...

    Sale Price $20.58
  • Jumbo Tennis Ball

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    Jumbo Tennis Ball

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Watch the excitement on your best friends face when you surprise them with this giant tennis ball. Measuring 9.5 inches, the tennis ball is made of a basketball inner core with a thick felt layer. This jumbo ball will provide...

    Sale Price $19.38