Brilliant Blue Lace Flower Leather Hair Barrette

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Brilliant shimmery blue and silver leather hair barrette, with a unique rustic flower pattern - what a perfect gift idea that is both unique and practical! The rustic texture was created from vintage lace, finished with an all-natural black leather dye, and a light sheen coat of eye-catching metallic blue, for a unique leather hairpiece.

The design piece is made from upcycled leather. It's embossed, finished and assembled by hand for maximum quality control. The brilliant cobalt blue color stands out, and yet works a variety of outfits, making it a go-to piece for practical everyday use. It also makes a great gift for anyone with long hair and a rustic boho vibe. It is a nice practical alternative to jewelry. This striking barrette will hold all of your hair in place, all day long, and was especially designed for long and thick hair. 

What size barrette should I get? 

Large is a standard "large" barrette

  • The clip: 3" (80mm)
  • Leather upper design piece is 3.75" x .75" (100mm x 20mm)
  • Perfect for ponytails, and half up-dos for thicker hair. 

Extra Large is great for long, thick and curly hair

  • The clip: 4" (100mm). 
  • Leather upper design piece is 4.75" x .75" (120mm x 20mm)
  • Hard-to-find size, perfect for thick or curly hair, or for twisted updos for longer hair.

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