Colorful 15" Rainbow Xylophone Piano Bridge For Kids With Ringing Bell And Drums

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This fun and colorful xylophone piano is fun to tap!
Make vibrant music by tapping and sliding across the 8 xylophone keys.
Each key comes in a different color, number, and a unique animal face.
The bell is hung high, and the drums on the back side.
Musical note sheet include 6 Melodies to practice and play.
By tapping, your baby is able to learn numbers and animals too.
Your kids will love this beautiful xylophone piano!
It will make vibrant sounds to fill the room!
Fun and colorful xylophone piano
Tap or slide across 8 xylophone keys to create vibrant sounds.
Tap on the ringing bell and 2 drums too!
Xylophone piano measures 15" x 7" x 4"
Have fun exploring musical notes!
Weight: 1 pounds

Learning and development toy
Hand Eye coordination:
Gripping sticks and hitting plates can improve baby's development of hand-eye coordination.

Hearing Development:
The process of hitting plates can let baby to recognize the scale and note of each key. Each scale can stimulate baby's hearing development.

Musical Cultivation:
The process of hitting organ can stimulate baby's musical potential and foster its musical knowledge.
Tips from early educational experts

Baby always loves the sounding objects, striking is helpful to the baby's limbs.

Baby after one year and a half, it will show strong interest and love some things.

Taking the advantage of this sensitive period for cultivating the baby's interest to find out the baby's potential ability and artistic talent.
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