Sturdy Stainless Steel 13" Durable Splatter Screen For Cooking

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Cooking can be frustrating especially when hot oil splatters out of the pan and makes direct contact to your skin, which hurts so much right?. It's a scary moment that everyone faces when they're just trying to make a hot meal. Well... You don't have to worry about it anymore once you put this stainless steel mesh screening on top on the pan or cooking ware. It will protect from all sorts of splatters and also allows the food to breathe still without having to put a lid on it.

Made out of a sturdy stainless steel material, so it will be durable and able to handle spewing hot oil
You can also pour liquid through the mesh without having to take it off
Clean up is simple, just put some soap and start scrubbing off the excess oil or pieces of food
Splatter Screen can fit on pots and pans that are 13" or less
Don't be afraid of cook anymore, just make sure to use this splatter screen to protect your precious skin

Package Contents:
1 x Stainless Steel Splatter Screen

Recommended Age: 10+
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